Pallett Hill Farm, North Yorkshire

A Land Condition Assessment report was completed to assess the risks to sensitive receptors both on and off-site due to soil and groundwater contamination as a result of the proposed development.

The site was vacant and  proposed for the siting and operation of a mobile crusher and mobile screen for the purpose of recycling and reclamation of inert waste, and for land restoration.

Inert construction, demolition and excavation waste and road plannings were to be imported for processing (crushing and screening) for re-use.

The proposal sought to import up to 25,000 tonnes of inert construction waste per year.

The processing and sorting of the waste will reduce the amount of material being used for landfill and the retrieved materials will be re-used, helping to improve sustainability.

Under the proposed site layout the site cabin and unsorted waste would be located on higher ground, outside of the flood zone. These are the only aspects of the proposal which will be permanently on site, with the sorting equipment being brought in periodically as required.