Sustain advocate for better food, farming and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, enrich society and culture and promote equity.

One of their projects, which we gave advice on, involved developing community allotments and new growing spaces for London.

We conducted soil testing and site investigations for 13 sites throughout London.

Harding Cargo Handling Ltd


Prepare a site condition report for the areas around the docks that were to be used for storage and handing of waste.



The client are the stevedores for Hull docks and required a license from the Environment Agency for storage and transfer of waste passing through the docks. Our site condition report was an element of the required documentation. The areas to be reviewed comprised the Albert Dock which was opened in 1869 and its western extension, the William Wright Dock, opened 1880. The site for the purposes of the site condition report extended to over 1,500m along both sides of these docks.

Lace International Ltd

Instructed by: Stiles Harold Williams Partnership LLP


Produce a pre-sale environmental report.


Lace House, a detached office building occupied the entire site with the proposal to be converted to residential. Access is by a double width timber doorway set within an impressive stone entrance portico.

Concerns had been raised about potential underground tanks on site due to the former use as a car showroom. To address this issue and any other potential risk due to contamination a pre-sale report was commissioned.

The site was visited, the petroleum officer’s report obtained and a final draft issued for the client’s comment within two weeks of instruction.