R Durtnell & Sons Ltd


Our commitment was to provide Phase 1 Environmental Report and Phase 2 Geo-Environmental investigation.


The proposed development comprises the installation of a solar array in fields currently used for agricultural purposes, with a combined area of 35.94 ha.

OnSide Youth Zones

Instructed by: H L Engineers


Our commitment was to provide a Phase 1 Environmental Report and a Phase 2 Geo-Environmental investigation for sites in Barnet, Croydon and Barking & Dagenham

The Project:

OnSide’s Youth Zones are designed to give young people aged 8–19 years old (25 for those with a disability) somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to in their leisure time; occupying their bodies and minds with fun activities, learning new skills and socialising in a safe, positive way.

OnSide Youth Zones are there for young people in deprived areas, where the alternative for many is spending their evenings on the streets or isolated in their bedrooms, surfing the internet.

The project proposed erecting three sports facilities with soft landscape in areas of parkland in the three boroughs. Various challenges were presented such as an operational military airport just next to the northeast boundary of the Barnet site.

Sanctuary Group (London & SE)


We were tasked with completing phase 1 desktop studies for 19 sites throughout Haringey.


Sanctuary Group were in negotiation to obtain a number of infill sites of various size and condition for residential development.

Within a very challenging time frame a phase 1 environmental report was completed for each of the 19 sites with advice on the phase 2 intrusive investigation required to determine the extent of any potential contamination on the identified sites.