Sub-Surface Data to Support Housing & Planning

The Geospatial Commission (that’s nothing to do with Star Trek or Jedi) has brought together a collection of fifty housing, land and planning open data-sets to make data easier to find. The aim is to add further data-sets over time.

“The Geospatial Commission has identified over 300 datasets that are used during the housing and planning process. They come from a variety of sources, with a variety of licences, and not all of them are open. We have brought them together for the first time in support of our wider Housing and Planning Programme, and today we are publishing a list of 50, 49 of which are covered by OGL. In the coming weeks, we will add further datasets to this list, which will help those looking to understand what data is available, and how it can be accessed.

Of the 300 we have identified, the British Geological Survey is the largest data provider with 49 datasets, followed by local authorities providing 42 datasets. Half of the data sources are published under the OGL, with many of the datasets being found on

It should be noted that some may be viewed but not used commercially. Details may be found here.