The Solicitor General for England and Wales has recommended an interventionist approach to brownfield developments

In the run up to the Conservative Party Conference the Solicitor General for England and Wales, and Conservative MP Robert Buckland recommended an

interventionist approach to brownfield developments.

Now is the time for action, too. I continue to be deeply frustrated about the gap between the large number of planning consents for housing, and the actual building of new homes in my constituency. These delays are undermining our local plan, and making a mockery of the system in the eyes of residents, while the wait for new houses continues.

The Government has taken steps to help speed things up, but where there is brownfield land or where the principle of development has already been established, then the sort of interventionist approach that was taken by post-war Tory governments right up to the 1990s is the right one.

Shortly after I joined the Conservatives in South Wales in the mid-1980s, the Thatcher government set up the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation, which helped to create over 30,000 new jobs, built nearly 6000 new homes, generated £1.8bn of private investment, reclaimed 200 acres of derelict land and developed 14 million square feet of commercial property.

This is the kind of Tory intervention that we need now, if we are to deliver the housing and development that people and businesses deserve. We need to speed up the use of new and quicker construction technologies to deliver the homes we need in the right places, giving more opportunity to younger people to be part of the property-owning democracy that the Conservatives created.