Bath Road, Felixstowe


Conduct a phase 1 environmental study is to assess the risks to sensitive receptors both on and off-site due to soil and groundwater contamination as a result of the proposed development.


The development proposed the construction of four terraced houses with private courtyards to the rear and a spacious soft landscaped communal area fronting Bath Road.

The site had been part of a large commercial nursery with the potential use of chemical sprays and oil fired heating for greenhouses. Some limited intrusive investigative work was therefore recommended.

Thames Oil Port

The site is a former oil refinery and the same stringent fire precautions remain in place, this necessitated the use of flame and heat resistant overalls in addition to the usual ppe.

The purpose of this testing is to provide information for decision making in relation to retention or removal of excavation arising or any other spoil from site. We supervised and monitored a total of six trail pits mechanically excavated across the site. Trial pits were taken down to a depth of up to 1.50m.


A total of twelve near surface samples were collected from several locations across the site at depths of up to 1.50m. The soil was monitored on site with a photo-ionisation detector (PID) to identify any elevated levels of volatile compounds and assist in sample selection.






East London

Located in east London the proposal for this site is for mixed use including, leisure, hotel and residential.

This video was used during the desktop study stage to assist in assess the entire site.