Invasive Plant Species, Do you know your American Skunk Cabbage from your Chilean Rhubarb?

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Due to global trade and tourism an ever greater number of alien plants are posing risks to our native eco-system. If you have concerns about a possible invasive plant there is a helpful booklet on the European Commission website.

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RTPI Advocates Environmental Devolution Post Brexit

The repatriation of powers solely to Whitehall after Brexit is not enough to uphold existing planning and environment related EU directives, the implementation of which are highly devolved, the RTPI says.

Powers need to be repatriated to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in order for each nation to have the authority and obligations to directly implement devolved functions carried over from existing EU directives such as those covering waste, water, habitat and air pollution, according to RTPI’s response to a parliamentary inquiry into devolution and Brexit.

As a result the RTPI is calling for the introduction of an enforcement body to replace the EU – with a base framework agreed by all the devolved administrations first. This would ensure continuity in policies and the commitment to address long-term issues and take action if policies are not implemented.

RTPI’s head of policy, research and practice Richard Blythe said: “In order to maintain and improve the environmental standards we are renowned for, we must empower the nations of the UK to continue to meet agreed environmental outcomes in their own way, so they can take account of the local context.

“A new body should be established to oversee this and hold nations to account if necessary. We think this approach will give the UK the best chance of continuity in environmental policy and maintaining of quality and standards.”

Read the RTPI’s written evidence to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee on Devolution and Exiting the EU Inquiry.

Builders Shun Brownfield Sites to Dig up Green Belt – The Times 12 December 2017

An article in The Times declares that research by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) shows that sites with the capacity for nearly 200,000 homes are missing from the official Brownfield Registers. With limited resources local authorities tend to concentrate on the larger sites, meaning that this vital resource of smaller sites is overlooked.

We have extensive experience of providing advice on small sites and are on the steering group for the CIRIA small brownfield sites report, which is due to be published shortly with advice on developing small brownfield sites.

We provide comprehensive support to guide clients through the process of obtaining discharge of contaminated land planning conditions, if you are considering buying or developing a small brownfield site do not hesitate to call 020 8291 1354 or