CONTAMINATED LAND; and avoiding unpleasant surprise


To provide a broad understanding of contaminated land issues as they affect industry professionals and their clients.


The current legislative framework and its philosophy. Roles and responsibilities in land clean up. Implications of land transfer.

A brief description of the CLEA and ConSim methodologies for dealing with contamination of soil and controlled waters respectively.

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Flow Chart

In this we have presented in flow chart form the four stage process of discharging contaminated land planning conditions, from desktop study, to investigation, remediation strategy through to verification of clean up.

Phase 1 Reports: The What and Why Explained

View our video for an introduction to phase 1 reports, why they are required and how they help to ensure that the follow on phases are looking for the right things in the right places in the most cost effective way.

Made Ground Mapper

We all know and have heard it said many times that the biggest risk is in the ground. To help our clients we have developed the

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Vapour Monitoring

Cannot or do not want to get a drilling rig into your basement or other difficult to access area? We can install and monitor using the minimally disruptive Vapor Pin®.