Its our Birthday! We are celebrating 20 years this month!

20th Anniversary

Its our Birthday! We are celebrating 20 years this month. The journey has been nothing short of incredible. The steadfast support from our esteemed employees and clients has fueled our growth.

Founded by our Managing Director, Peter George, in 2003, GO Contaminated Land Solutions has evolved into a diverse team with backgrounds in a range of disciplines working together with a commitment to excellence.

Peter is a Chartered Civil Engineer who has worked internationally and returned to the UK where he has worked for contactors, the public sector, and consultants, gaining a wide experience within the built environment with a focus for the last twenty years on environmental services related to the redevelopment of contaminated land.

Driven by a vision of integrity, cost-effective practical advice, and creating safe environments, we've operated across the UK and had the pleasure of collaborating with a diverse clientele.

20th Anniversary

Since 2003 we have:

20th Anniversary20th Anniversary

To our dedicated employees and supportive clients, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. As we look forward to continued growth, our commitment remains unwavering – delivering the best services with our wealth of experience to ensure optimal project outcomes.

Thank you for being an vital part of our journey. We would love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts and feedback on our services, and newsletters.