Verification Report

What is it?

This is a document that will include all the information required to demonstrate that the site has been cleaned up in accordance with the appropriate legislation and as specified in the Remediation Strategy. This report is to demonstrate that the site is suitable for the proposed use.

The contents will be set out in the Verification Plan contained within the Remediation Strategy. We will also prepare a Verification Checklist for you so that you know exactly what it is you need to record and keep for inclusion the Verification Report.

It must be remembered that the report is not confirming the site is "uncontaminated" rather that it is suitable for the proposed use. If you are purchasing a site with a verification report stating the site is suitable for use as an office further investigation is likely to be required if the new proposal is for residential use.


When should it be prepared?

The short answer is as soon as possible. The problem often arises because remediation generally includes placing of clean sub and topsoil to external areas, one of the last operations and submission and approval of a Verification Report will often be a pre-occupation planning condition. It is never too early to call us to discuss how we are going to manage verification to ensure approval is gained as swiftly as possible.


Verification Checklist

We will issue a Verification Checklist when we prepare your remediation strategy so that the necessary records can be obtained throughout the project. The requirements will vary from project to project but may include:

Imported Fill Material

  • Certification from supplier confirming compliance with the remediation strategy
  • Volume imported, with supporting purchase records or other documentation
  • Transportation documentation

Waste Disposal

  • Waste transfer tickets from transporter and receiving facility, example attached
  • Volume disposed off-site

Gas Protection Measures

  • Full "as-built" drawings and specifications
  • Quality control documentation
  • Photographs of installation
  • Independent verification of membrane installation

Surface Water Management

  • Design specifications and drawings

Drinking Water

  • Confirmation from water supplier of installation of barrier pipe, e.g. receipt
  • Photographs of pipe in trench
  • Record of any site visits by water supplier to inspect barrier pipe installation

External Hardstanding

  • Cross-section drawings showing 300mm construction thickness

Remedial Ground Works:

  • Before and after photographs showing removal of impacted soil from areas to be remediated, with a measuring staff or other means of establishing scale, example attached
  • Original and Final survey levels, and levels following site strip
  • Confirmation that no unforeseen visual or olfactory evidence of contamination was encountered during the works.


Who needs a copy?

The local authority and the Environment Agency will want to see the report if they have required the work to be undertaken. When the land is sold the prospective purchaser will need to see the report to be assured that the land is suitable for the existing or proposed use.

Measuring clean soil depth
Measuring clean soil depth

Need a Verification Report?