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Need to discharge a contaminated land planning condition?

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Our Vision

To act with integrity, provide our clients with cost effective practical advice and contribute to creating safe places for people to live and work and where nature can flourish.


Our aim is always to listen first and then work with our client develop an appropriate solution for your project.

We understand that while many of our clients are experienced in managing projects and negotiating the planning process many are not and we are always ready to provide advice and guidance.

We will advise on the appropriate level and type of investigation and are able to offer a range of services from an initial phase 1 environmental report or desktop study, intrusive investigations and if required project manage the remediation process through to completion and verification all in agreement with the relevant authorities.

With many years experience in construction and development we are able to single out the vital issues on any project and approach these in such a way as to minimise costs and safeguard our client’s investment in a development and maximise its value.