Why is this needed?

The client, the local authority or the Environment Agency may require independent confirmation that the Remediation Strategy had been implemented correctly.

Without the appropriate records it may not be possible to complete the close out or verification  report, which may result in delays and additional costs while further investigation is undertaken.

What is involved?

Measuring the depth and extent of any contaminated soil removal. On smaller sites a photographic record may be adequate on larger sites a topographical survey is likely to be required.

Sampling the soil strata remaining on site and checking compliance with the remediation strategy.

Checking the destination of materials removed from site and the source of material brought to site.

Recording volume of contaminated soils and fill removed from site.

Recording volume of clean soils brought onto site.

A photographic record of installation of any barriers or other works required.

In short recording sufficient information to enable a comprehensive Verification Report to be completed to demonstrate that the site is suitable for the proposed use.


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