Mindenhurst, Camberley


To monitor the remedial works to ensure implementation of the specified remediation strategy previously prepared by others and provide verification testing and reporting for approval by the local authority.


The site was one part of a formerly part of a military site allocated for redevelopment. The remediation strategy set out different levels of works for each zone on site, depending on the contamination found. At one end of the scale the remedial works comprised testing the subgrade and importing 150mm of topsoil and at the other, 1m Engineered Cover System comprising a 200mm ‘No Dig’ layer, a geotextile membrane, 650mm subsoil and 150mm topsoil.

The development comprises twenty-one properties, some terraced, others detached, with three, four and five bedrooms.

Monitoring Remediation and Providing Verification
View of completed project from communal landscaping
Former Military Site to Residential