Need to discharge a contaminated land planning condition

First Step

If you have a decision notice or have been advised to include a contaminated land desktop with your planning submission we are here to help.

If you have a decision notice send us a copy together with any previous reports and any comments from the local authority or Environment Agency and we will assess what is required to discharge your planning conditions.

If you have yet to make a submission send us existing and proposed plans, if available together with any pre-application advice from the local authority and we will advise on what is needed to smooth the process.

Alternatively just give us a call 020 8291 1354.



We understand that if it is a pre-start condition it is imperative that a report is prepared speedily and approved in the shortest time possible and will respond appropriately. All of our team are able to undertake site visits, intrusive investigations and report preparation giving us the flexibility to respond to meet your requirements.

We can usually prepare a desktop study within fifteen working days but this can be reduced if required. Where we consider that follow on intrusive works are required we recommend that a scope of works is prepared and submitted to the environmental health officer to ensure we address their concerns. This scope can be prepared in tandem with the phase 1 desktop.


Experience & Problem Solving

We are experienced in working with the Environment Agency where there are groundwater concerns. As an example on some sites in order to avoid delays to programme we have negotiated partial discharge of planning conditions so that works can commence while issues are resolved in other areas of the site.


Please call to discuss your project, 020 8291 1354, or email us