Japanese Knotweed

Novel Japanese Knotweed Treatment

Japanese Knotweed infestation near the River Cray in Bexley

Rootwave have devised a very different way of tacking invasive weeds.

While clearly not the answer in every case it will no doubt have its uses. If this is something from which you are suffering then perhaps this product which uses electricity to “boil weeds inside out fro the root upwards” may be the answer.

Can you sue your neighbour over Japanese knotweed?

Well the short answer is yes. On 3 July 2018 the Court of Appeal upheld the decision against Network Rail for “private nuisance” due to Japanese Knotweed. You can find the details in this article on the Thomson Snell & Passmore website.

While we do not undertake Japanese Knotweed remediation we do assist clients with advice on suitable remedial methods and obtaining and adjudicating on tenders.

Network Rail hits buffers over Japanese Knotweed

A recent case involving Network Rail highlights the potentially costly effects of ignoring Japanese Knotweed and allowing it to grow unchecked.

Two neighbours took action after the plant, growing on a railway embankment next to their homes, spread into their properties, resulting the the values being almost halved. In this case the neighbours argued that the knotweed encroached on their homes which caused a nuisance and interfered with the quiet enjoyment of their property. In judgement at the crown  Network Rail were ordered to pay £4,320 to each claimant to treat the knotweed and in what is being seen as a key test case, awarded £10,000 each in compensation for the fall in value of their homes.

This has clear implications not only for Network Rail, who of course have innumerable neighbours, but also for all landowners, who should now be redoubling their efforts to identify and control any Japanese Knotweed on their land.