Volatile Organic Compounds

EPUK Release a Guide to Redeveloping Petrol Filling Stations

This timely document is entitled Before You Dig, Garages & Petrol Stations, Guidance for Developers, EPUK. David Rudland et al.

EPUK say “This guide has been produced now because we anticipate alternative fuels will make many of the 8500 retail forecourts in the UK surplus over the next 5-10 years or so. Repurposing this kind of brownfield site presents particular challenges of the sort that drive some developers to seek greenfield sites instead.

The guide describes how petrol stations were constructed, operated, and decommissioned, outlining particular issues around decontamination and signposting towards further guidance. Tips for good practice and case studies appear throughout.

Cost Effective Vapour & Land Gas Monitoring in Confined Spaces

Do you need to undertake vapour or land gas monitoring in a confined space or need to keep disruption to a minimum then we may have the answer. We are now able to undertake land gas and vapour monitoring using Vapor PinsTM.

The system is relatively quick and easy to install and is a very cost effective method of vapour and land gas monitoring. In difficult to access basements it may be the only practicable option, it could literally be installed in a broom cupboard.

The system is installed in a 16mm diameter hole drilled through a ground or basement level slab and can be recessed to be flush with the floor with a protective cover so that the area can continue to be used. Installation of three monitoring points can usually be completed in a matter of hours.

Watch our installation video.

VOCs a Problem, Not Sure, Get Definite Answers

ACTI-VOCACTI-VOC low-flow sampling pump

To augment our PID, which provides a qualitative assessment we have taken delivery of ACTI-VOC low flow sampling pump which enables us to establish quantitative level of vapour-phase organic compounds (VOCs). The pocket-sized ACTI-VOC™ is a robust low-flow pump for sampling VOCs onto sorbent tubes for subsequent analysis by thermal desorption (TD).

Being lightweight, easy-to-use and intrinsically safe, ACTI-VOC is ideal for a wide range of air and gas sampling applications.

The ACTI-VOC is optimised for sampling onto thermal desorption tubes, and automatically compensates for different impedances, ensuring constant flow rates whatever the sorbent packing.